R&D Commitment

The team at International Innovative Technologies (IIT), Gateshead, UK is dedicated to delivering a complete range of reliable powder processing solutions for manufacturing efficiencies across a range of industries.

To this end are dedicated to advanced R&D for our family of new powder milling and classification equipment, working in collaboration at each design stage with leading industry partners and universities to deliver future-proof products that meet and exceed industry standards.

An example of recent collaboration to ensure our milling technology is best-fit for a range of new customers included analysis within the Chariot project, sponsored by the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI). Our latest M350 mill family benefited from numerical simulations based on the Discrete Element Method coupled with Computational Fluid Dynamics, particle flow on the spreader plate, air and fine particle circulations within the mill at Leeds University. The wear patterns were analysed, leading to significant design improvements. The YouTube videos are available here.