The m-series M600

Proven milling technology delivering single pass, non-captive bed powder processing

M600 - How it works

How it works

The M600 milling system is a unique patented design using an innovative single pass material processing concept allied to a centrifugal grinding mechanism, resulting in a more energy efficient milling process.

Feed is introduced into the inlet assembly (2), where gravity and a rotating spreader plate (7) guide material towards the mill module (3) and its peripheral grinding ring – the grinding chamber (10).  Material falls through this grinding zone, and is captured between the static ring and rotating rollers (8) where comminution occurs.

Milled material flows as a result of gravity to the discharge assembly (4) where it either is transferred to classification or directly to stockpile handling if no classification is required.

By varying the rotational speed of the mill, the force and capacity of the mill may be adjusted, which in turn influences the particle size of the material discharged from the mill. 

Mechanically the mill consists of 10 sections:-
  1. Drive & Reducer
    Mounted above all other components and driving the mill via a wear resistant drive shaft.
  2. Inlet Assembly
    A specially designed assembly to support all other components from the frame and to absorb vibration from the system.  The inlet assembly receives fresh and recycled feedstocks and introduces them into the Mill Module:
  3. Mill Module
    Containing the feed spreader plate, grinding ring and rollers.  Rotating parts are mounted on a robust main bearing housing, and the entire assembly is readily serviceable.
  4. Discharge Assembly
    Bespoke to each application to allow appropriate materials handling management from direct discharge to pre-classification inlet to allow on spec material to be recovered before secondary treatment.
  5. Mill Support Frame
    Designed to support the static and dynamic vibrational loads of the operating mill without requiring expensive and complex foundation fixings.
  6. Central shaft
  7. Spreader plate
  8. Grinding rollers
  9. Swinging arms
  10. Grinding chamber

The high force powder processing choice

The M600 mill is the original high force vertical roller milling solution delivered by the company. Now a mature first generation machine, a structured and results-orientated development program has upgraded M600 core technology for enhanced functionality and reliability capable of meeting the most demanding powder processing requirements.

M600 Mill – customer benefits

  • Extremely energy efficient compared to other fine milling systems (45 kW Mill Module)
  • Small footprint for high throughput (Mill Module 1.6m2)
  • Mill materials down from 10mm feedstock to 100 – 5 micron product
  • Mill very hard materials up to 9.5 on Mohs scale e.g. Silicon Carbon, Aluminum Oxide
  • Low cost installation, no expensive foundations or high energy electrical supply
  • Low maintenance down time, milling module can be changed quickly (1-2 hours)
  • Modular construction allows for various output capacities e.g. single, twin, quad setups
  • Remote monitoring via internet
  • Variable speed for different material applications
  • Low cost consumable tooling (grinding ring and roller set)
  • ATEX compliant

Centrifugal Grinding Unit cross sections

Centrifugal Grinding Unit cross sections

1. At rest – the swinging arms (9) retract from the walls of the grinding chamber


2. In rotation - the swinging arms (9) and the grinding rollers (8) move outward by centrifugal force contacting the wall of the grinding chamber (10) for highly efficient fine powder milling

Modular construction - built for easy maintenance

IIT m-series mills incorporate the latest size reduction technologies, delivering powerful performance with low maintenance attributes. Heavy duty, hard-wearing materials are selected for key components when handling abrasive materials and a modular design allows service exchange replacement of key components within 1–2 hours, minimising downtime.

The m-series mill is free-standing and can be used for single pass milling, or in circuit with classification. Customers can opt for IIT’s integrated s-series classifier or choose to have the mill integrated with another manufacturer’s classifier if they prefer. Ask about our full project engineering service to deliver the best bespoke solution to perfectly meet your powder processing needs.

Improved hygiene

Easy cleaning of grinding modules also allows for ‘milled product’ changes without cross contamination. Quick module disconnect from the main body of the machine enables easy access for cleaning of both modules and machine elements. No product collection filter to clean.
Where required, the mill can be supplied fully ATEX rated and can safely process flammable/potentially explosive substances and materials such as coal, petcoke, plastics etc.

m600 modular configuration

Multi-modular configuration

Milling System in situ showing enclosures

Milling System in situ showing enclosures

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