Portable standalone systems

Compact mills, easy to install and maintain

IIT’s product range has expanded milling possibilities worldwide. A full project engineering capability enables a wide range of industries to easily integrate and benefit from IIT milling technology.

IIT milling systems can be taken to the raw material sources and locally milled to reduce transport costs and carbon footprints, or integrated into existing processes.

An easy to operate, self-contained, safe, cost effective, milling system that can be delivered to site and wired into the electrical supply to commence operations.

IIT Omex 1

Compact size, low power requirements and portability make m-series mills ideal for a range of applications. Unprecedented opportunities are clearly demonstrated for recycling in glass and construction materials.

M350 Mill And Control Unit2

Adaptable configurations to suit your market sector

4 formats are available:

  • Stand alone machine
  • Complete made to order process solution
  • Integrated into existing processes
  • Multi-machine configuration (allowing outputs ranging from 10 to 50 tonnes/hour dependent on number of core units in configuration)