Classification systems

IIT Stand Alone Classification System

Since many powder processing plants have no milling requirement, IIT have developed a standalone, self-contained Classification System.

The heart of the system is the c-series®, high efficiency, dynamic classifier. Designed to achieve cut points down to d95, 6.8µm (limestone), the economical c-series® has an energy-efficient design minimising system pressure drop; and with no need for a secondary air supply running costs are substantially reduced.

In the configuration shown, the c-series® along with our s-series® cyclone is integrated into a complete system including a conveyor fan, inlet rotary valve and finished product / oversize product bagging stations. The system is also available with a bulk bag discharging infeed hopper for product loading.

The system has been designed to enable it to be disassembled into manageable sized sections to allow transportation in a standard shipping container between different sites.