Glass Focus

The IIT M600 mill represents an energy-efficient, sustainable glass waste recycling and recovery technology. It can be used to transform recycled glass cullet into new products with a wide range of particle sizes, from granules to fine powder.

IIT offers Systems Solutions:

  • For optical sorter reject lines, reducing Ceramics, Stone & Porcelain (CSP) to recoverable grade glass.
  • To pelletise fine glass powder with binders to allow furnace introduction by eliminating foaming.
  • To remove organic contaminants from heavily contaminated mixed glass cullet.
Why Choose IIT Over Our Competitors?
  • Compact modular design, easily incorporated into existing processes.
  • Small physical footprint; mill and frame measures just 1.5m2. No civil works required.  
  • Standalone or multi-modular set-up in circuit with air classifiers or sieving machines, according to end product requirement.
  • Offers variable speed operation across a wide range, to adjust output capacity and yield of controlled particle size distributions (PSD’s).
  • Non-Captive Bed technology reduces specific energy – kWh/t (kilowatt hours per ton).
  • Easily installed, maximises uptime as complete module removal/replacement can be done in less than 1 hour.