Generating New Revenue Streams for Glass Manufacturers

Material previously regarded as waste is now being used in commercial applications and generating new revenue streams for our customers.

As well as the conventional reduction of glass waste into cullet for re-use in the glass production process, it has long been recognised that powdered glass has a range of potential useful applications.

These include its use as a filler in paints and plastics, for landscaping purposes, as a fluxing agent in bricks and ceramics, in shot blasting and abrasive products, as an insulation material in the construction industry and as a filtration aid in water treatment.

Historically. the unfavourable economics associated with the effective fine milling of waste glass in conventional grinding systems has largely ruled out these potential applications, but the availability of low energy fine grinding systems is now overcoming this problem.

As a result, the glass industry, waste management and recycling sectors are all showing considerable interest in the potential of new IIT low energy fine grinding technology to successfully convert what would otherwise be regarded as a waste material to be consigned to landfill, into a re-usable, higher value commercial product.